Pet Service

Serving Greeley, Milliken, Johnstown, Berthoud, Platteville, & LaSalle (Other cities may be considered, give me a call)

No Pet is Too Big or Too Small; from paws to claws, fins to feathers, farm animals to pocket pets, we take care of them all!







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Caring for your pets as if they were our own!!

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Q:  What is the best thing you can do for your pet while you are away?

A:  Contact us for professional pet care in your home!!

Your pet is much more relaxed, serene, and happy in the comfort of its own home.

You will be able to enjoy your time away from home knowing that someone who loves animals is going to come over to care for and play with them.  Jennifer is a Veterinary Technician with 35 years of experience working with animals.  Read more about her background.

We serve pets and their families along the Front Range, including Milliken, Johnstown, Greeley, LaSalle, Gilcrest, Plattville, and Berthoud. Other locations may be considered...just call.

Our service includes making sure your pet is happy, fed, and secure each day you are gone.  In addition, we would be happy to water your plants, bring in your paper, and even bring in your mail if you are gone for an extended length of time. 

We are able to "pet"sonalize our service so that when you are away, you will have peace of mind knowing your pets are secure and loved.

Longs Peak, Colorado 

photo by Steve Ernst of Loveland, Colorado

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Phone: (843) 864-6642